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Over the years there has been a revolution in what advertising techniques are concerned. We have opened new listener channels to establish a fluid dialogue between consumers and producers. Advertising agency Las Palmas is since 2007 working on the development of advertising and marketing campaigns for 360 local, national and international clients.

With a history of over 15 years in the advertising industry and experience with clients such as Real Madrid, Suzuki, Waltdisney, BBVA, Vodafone, Bintercanarias, Tirma, Alatadis Canarias and many more.

We develop marketing and advertising strategies that are based on an extensive research of the market and the customer. With our clients we establish a close working relationship.

In a saturated context of impacts form emotional bonds with consumers is presented as one of the most effective ways to retain and entice the target pathways. Creativity and innovation in advertising are critical to generate awareness about the brands. Content generation and the creation of a brand universe that transcends far beyond the products and services marketed brands.

The possibilities offered by e-commerce open a range of new options for global distribution. Its development and promotion through mobile devices make this a future investment.

The analysis and evaluation metrics can react with concrete measures to ensure return on investment. The effectiveness of advertising is no longer based on assumptions to be based on tangible metrics. The agility and flexibility required means pose a challenge for both clients and advertising agencies.

We want to hear your needs and propose concrete solutions. A solid long-term goals that unifies communication, advertising and marketing strategy of your organization.


The agency

Innovation and business knowledge of our customers, are the pillars that support our differential value. is technological forefront, customized solutions and tangible results.

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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Calle Pavía 24. 2º. 35010 Las Gran Canaria Canary Islands – SPAIN.

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