Javier Alejandro Martín Ramos

Site: www.nubbo.eu
Email: jmartin@nubbo.eu



- Founder of bicycle touring company BKRS (2016-2019).
- Founder of Woo Ajax eCommerce technnology (2015).
- Founder of the industrial & interior design studio Light Action (2007-2019).
- Founder of the 360º marketing agency Nubbo (2007-2019).


Strategy & Creative Director - Nubbo.eu / Light Action, Las Palmas, Spain (Present - 2007)

Working for the Top 10 companies in the Canary Islands, and established national and international brands. Partnering with clients to develop creative marketing solutions which define them as industry leaders.


2018 - European Union Creative Network Stand (Womex Las Palmas).

- Concept, design & production of the interactive stand for the European Union program aimed at promoting the cultural and creative sectors .

2019 - 2010 - Tirma, Las Palmas

- Leading the brand strategy for the expansion of this local company to the rest of Spain which drove an increase in sales from €27 million in 2011 to €32 million in 2016 and projected sales of over €39 million for 2018.

- Stimulate digital community growth from 14.000 users to more than 82.000 with an excellent user engagement and interaction, and approximate increase of 1000 new users per month.

- UI and Project management of a Drupal widget based social network for the brand.

2016 Blat Vodka, Las Palmas

- Leading the brand strategy for the purest vodka in the world produced in Gran Canaria (Ingenio)

2015 - Steam Engine, Washington D.C.

- Branding, funding strategy and presentation deck for a global warming educational videogame, a project developed by the National Geographic Society President.

- In March 2015 the team raised $10 million in funding.

2013 - Vodafone, UK

- UI Concept and Creative Direction for the new innovation team app which aims to inspire new ideas within Vodafone and manage ideation collaboration between teams.

2012 - 2010 - Fanstudio, Madrid

- Brand identity, brand strategy and ecommerce strategy for the luxury furniture brand Fanstudio.

- Generated over €2 million in non paid advertising with articles in more than 40 magazines (Elle, GQ, Rolling Stone), TV interviews, and digital media.

2009 - CCC, Las Palmas

- Created UI Design and Creative Direction of a promotional contest “The most canarian of canarias” for the top sales local beer Dorada.

- First promotional action in Europe using data visualization.

- More than 150,000 unique visitors. Over €1 million in non paid advertising.

2008 - BinterCanarias, Las Palmas

- Developed UI Design and Creative Direction of a digital contest by a local Airline.

- Pioneer project in Spain mixing 3d animation, chroma key video animations, animated illustrations, and flash technologies.

- More than 40,000 unique visits in a month and acquisition of 1,250 CRM registered users.

Creative Director - Next Idea, Las Palmas, Spain (2006 - 2004)

2006 - 2005 - Diageo, Las Palmas

- Branded interior design, dynamic illumination and event coordination for a Smirnoff party bus promoting the product through fun events.

- Diageo highlighted this project as the best design in Europe for 2006.

Multimedia Creative - Zapping M&CSaatchi, Madrid (2003)

- BBVA Bank - Online strategy, design and project management for the BBVA Real Estate online portal that generated more than €23 million in revenue in 2003-2004.

- Walt Disney - Designed online advertising campaign for Finding Nemo and multimedia CD-Rom for Pirates of the Caribbean.

- Real Madrid - Designed the multimedia CD-Rom for Club Yearbook.


Creative Trainee - El laboratorio (McCann), Madrid (2002)

- Coca Cola Company - Creative for advertising campigns for Coca Cola & Nordic Mist.

Interactive department Director, Nederlands Ontwerp, Amsterdam (2001)

- Amnesty International - Online campaign design and development.


EDUCATION: B.A. Advertising and Public Relations - European University, Madrid.

PERSONAL SKILLS: Emotional intelligence. Truly care about the co workers and the customers. Able to get the best from the team and build a healthy and strong brand culture and environment. Interested in projects that generate value to society.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Abode Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign CS5, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Drupal, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Adsence SEO and SEM

INTERESTS: Nature, technology, biomimicry, data visualization, meditation, yoga, psychology, design, photography, art, open government.

LANGUAGES: Fluent in spanish and english. Basic french.